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The Life & Times of Olivia Rose...Chihuahua Ranch Dog/Day 4

My daughter was having a jewelry party today, so I thought it best to initiate Miss Olivia Rose to girlie things, have a little socialization and meet her new Godparents: Jordan & Jonah, my Grandkids.

She's not exactly a Party Girl, but Bling is definitely her friend!

"I think I lucked out," says Olivia Rose!

The Life & Times of Olivia Rose...Chihuahua Ranch Dog/Day 3

Scott and I decided we would go to Longmont Humane Society that afternoon and take Gracie & Badger for a Meet & Greet to see how they all got along.  We both had busy mornings but decided to meet there at 2, in the meantime I checked the website and didn't see her picture.  I literally panicked and was kicking myself for not putting a hold on her...Universe be damned!  I refreshed the page, still no Olivia!  Checked a 3rd time and up popped her little face.  Now I had no doubts.  Called the adoption desk and said we were on our way.  

When we arrived we saw three little girls walking her...OH NO...but when I went inside I was told they were just volunteering and wanted to walk her, whew!  Now we had to cross the Meet & Greet test.

First they sent in Badger with her.  Badger is 15 and a little grumpy with age, so I was a little concerned, all for naught!  She didn't even exist for him, could have cared less.  One down!

Next was Gracie's turn.  She is Top Dog and doesn't back down from any confrontation.  Fortunately, Olivia is extremely submissive and the meeting was pretty uneventful.  Now all 3 together...Nothing!  

She's ours!  Off we go to RRanch  

Under the table looks like a safe place.  Ranch chores don't stop just because of a new addition.  No time like the present to become a part of things:  

Pretty busy day and by the end of it, Olivia Rose (she needed a more Cowgirl name) was ready to for bed. Had she ever been in a crate, was she potty trained, so many unanswered questions...

She did pretty well thru the night,  just a little whimpering until around 4AM when she got a little louder.  We went out for potty and sure enough...that's what she wanted.  But, when it was time to go back in the crate, she wasn't quite as willing and made a bigger/louder fuss.  So, we did exactly what they tell you not to do, we brought her in bed with us.  She promptly scooted down under the covers to our feet and went right to sleep.  In the morning, she was a happy girl!

A few less worry lines and a bit of a smile!


The Life & Times of Olivia Rose...Chihuahua Ranch Dog/Day 2

A sleepless night thinking about that little face!  A busy day with no opportunity to go back to LHS.  Checking their website throughout the day to see if she was still available, trusting that whatever happened would be for the best.  


The Life & Times of Olivia Rose...Chihuahua Ranch Dog/Day 1

About three months ago I started volunteering again at the Longmont Humane Society (LHS) offering Reiki Healing to the dogs and cats up for adoption.  It was fun, difficult and rewarding all at the same time.  I wanted to take them all home (Scott's allergic to cats, so I was safe there) and I often went home feeling sad for all the homeless dogs, but then I would return the next week and be elated to see how many of them had been adopted.  LHS does an amazing job!  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 was my last day volunteering, at least for the summer.  Camp YaYa was beginning, which is weekly summer camp for my grandkids here at Zen on the Range...I'm YaYa.  

I was making my rounds of the kennels to decide who I was going to offer Reiki that day.  I'm a big-dog kind of gal, that's mostly what I've had, but I was over in the area where the small dogs and puppies are kept.  A new little face was staring up at me...a very worried little face!

Her name was Olivia, 6 months old, Chihuahua mix weighing all of 10 lbs. and had been surrendered because her owner passed away.  They had her separated from her pack of 3 that she came in with.  I took her out to a grassy area, she was extremely frightened of everything, tail tucked tight between her legs.  I walked her for a bit than sat down and she very quickly jumped into my lap and plastered her little body next to mine, burying her head into my arms and her insides were trembling.  I knew right then but was still in a bit of denial.  I sent a text to Scott with her picture and asked him if i could bring her home, only slightly serious.  His response, "I would rescue them all, but it's up to you."  I had just begun my rounds, so I literally peeled her off of me and took her back to her kennel.  She was actually happier to be in her little space than outside.  

After working with another dog and some cats, I went back to see Olivia.  This time we went into an inside room where she promptly glued herself to me again, so we sat until I had to leave.  

I had this strong feeling that if she was meant to be mine, the Universe would allow that to happen.  I needed to think about it and I was a little concerned about how our dogs, Gracie & Badger would be with such a little girl, if the wide open spaces of RRanch would be appropriate and what about the horses???


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