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Zen on the Range Getaway & Day Spa/Love Yourself Unconditionally

I gave this barbed wire heart to my husband for Valentine's Day the first year we were together.  I'm not sure why I just remembered it except I think there's some relevance to this topic of unconditional love.  I would love to know YOUR thoughts!  I know when I saw it, I was just thinking "ranch, horses, cowboys..." 

I finished working out this morning at the Berthoud Athletic Club at 8:45 and I wanted to go to the bank, which doesn't open until 9.  My first thought was to go to the coffee shop and get a cup of coffee and wait the 15 minutes.   Then my critical not-very-loving-self said, "No, go home and make a cup of coffee and come back later, you can't waste 15 minutes, you have too much to do!"  So I actually started to drive back home, when my more loving-self realized how ridiculous that was and  sent me straight to the coffee shop.  

I love the coffee there, sat in front of the fireplace and opened an email from Tama Kieves (I've been a fan of hers for a long time) and silently cried a little because it struck home so poignantly.  I would like to share her blog with you because I think we all can relate on some level.  It was written on 12/12/12 and is titled,

All I Want for Christmas/Hanukkah is ME: A Practice to Calm and Claim Yourself

.  Enjoy!





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